7.6 Prevent Connection Issues

1. Internet connection

Most importantly for Live Tracking is that you have a stable internet connection, especially with the start and finish timelines.

If you have any doubts, it would be good to take some actions:

  • Wired cable possible?
  • WIFI Router, multiple providers?
  • 3G/4G?
  • Can you walk from your timer place to the decoder to connect your pc with decoder and upload passings?
  • Or, is there anyone with a pc nearby the location who can send readlite files / txt files per email?

Readlite and / or txt files should be loaded in T&S and played through the TCP/IP exporter.

For the start you could also assign a gunshot for everyone in the CMS. This will force everyone to start in the app. Everyone will have the gunshot time as start in this case

Live! Live Timelines Gunshots

If you cannot get connection with one of your splits, that would be a pity, but not a very big problem. In this case you just have a little less accurate tracking functionality, but it is still fun.


2. Communication

Communicate any timelines related issues:

Enter a status message for a specific timeline: 

Live! Live Timelines > select Timeline

Enter Live Tracking status message: 

Config Event Config Event Timeline

Send push notification to all app users: 

Dashboard Send Notification

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