5.7 Import and add participants in teamportal

In MYLAPS Registration organizations have the possibility to give teamcaptain(s) extra permissions to register participants. MYLAPS Registrations offers two extra options:
- Import participant by uploading a CSV-file
- Add members manually

Enable/disable functionality
An organisator can give acces to specific teamcaptain/organization to import within his teamportal or add members manually.To give access, select registrations and click on organizations (see image below). On this page you will see all organizations that have been registered. For each specific organization it is possible to enable the add or import functionality in the teamportal.

Add participtants manually in teamportal
To add members manully the functionality needs to be enabled. If that is done in the teamportal will an extra button visible: add member (see image below).


Follow the next steps to register a participant manually:
- Click on the button add member and a popup will open.
- Fill in the requested information and click on register
- The partipcant is registered and will receieve a confirmation email


Import teammembers
To import participants the functionality needs to be enabled. If that is done in the teamportal will an extra button visible: import (see image below).


There are three levels where participants can be imported: within a team, in a category and race. This means that -if applicablle- you can select participants for multiple teams and categories.
The higher the level the more information you need to import. If the import will take place in the team, the system knows in which team, category and race. On the highest level the import file needs contain
racecategorycode and Groupname. All this information is given in the sample file.

Follow the next steps to import participants:
- Click on the button import and a popup will open.
- In this popup you can download a sample file. This sample file provides you all required information and custom questions availble for this category
- Fill in all requested information in the file and save this in a .csv file.
- To import this file you need to fill in which date and genderformat you are using
- Check the box if you want to send out a confirmation mail or not
- Click on import and if the file is correct, the participants have been uploaded

- Please note that MYLAPS Registration uses 3 letter ISO-countrycodes
- Required custom questions are required to import
- All labels in the sample files cannot be changed, because this will lead into an error

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