11.1 Roles

Registration offers different levels of roles and permissions. 

Different Roles and permissions
There are 11 different roles available with different permissions (click here for more detailed info)

  • Organisation admin*: This role has read and edit permissions of all the action for all the events he owns. Users are able to add events, editions and also inviting users and setting the permissions for these users.
  • Event Manager: Access to dashboard, configure and registrations (edit)
  • Event Manager (read only):Access to dashboard, configure and registrations (read only)
  • Finance: Download of financial data and invoices. Access to products, statistics and dashboard.
  • Finance (read only): Only access to Statements (Financial) dashboard (read only)
  • Support:Access to dashboard and registration (edit rights)
  • Support (read only): Access to dashboard and registration (read only)
  • Publisher: Only permission to publish an event
  • Refunder: Only permission to refund fees 
  • Data exporter: permissons to download registration data (Race + Teams data)
  • Data exporter: permissons to import registration data (Race + Team)

*This role can only given by MYLAPS employees


Add user 
Follow the steps below to add user(s):

  • Click on Event level on Users (see image below)

  • Click on Invite user (see image below)

  • Fill in requested information and click on save (see image below)

The new user will get an email to create an account

Manage users and roles

An user with a timer role can easily manage the users. Click on Users to see all users for specific event or organization. For every user there are 4 actions:

  • Edit: change the name of the users
  • Resend invite
  • Authorization: change the permissions for event or organisation
  • Remove site access: in case the users does not need any access anymore to an organisation or event



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