6.7 Assign bib(groups) and corrals

MYLAPS Registration offers a complete bib and corral assignment module. 

The flow of the module is that first Bib groups needs to be created and second corrals. The final step is to connect both.

Create a Bib group

To setup Bib groups, select the Configure tab and click on Bib. Click on add Bib group to create a new Bib group.

A popup opens (see image below) where the following information is needed:

  • Bib group name
  • Bib prefix: additional field in front of the bibnumber (F)
  • Bib postfix: additional field after the bibnumber (AB)
  • Pad length: this is used for fill up the numbers (6)
  • Bibrange: Which range this group is

In brackets example data which will results in following bibnumber for #23: F000023AB

Create a corral

After the Bib group is saved, corrals needs to be created. To setup corrals, select the Configure tab and click on Corrals.

Click on add corral to create a new corral. A popup opens where the following information is needed (see image below):

  • Corral name
  • Bibgroup; Select the bibgroup you want to assign
  • Maximum capacity (This will be prefilled based on bibgroup capacity)
  • Pace range (start + end): You can filter here participants based on the expected time. If nothing is selected, the people will be selected from fastest to slowest.
  • Race:Select the race which need to be assigned

Save the corral information and continue to configure or assign.

Configure corral

Within a corral it is possible to add additional criteria to only get specific participants in the corral. Click on configure (see image below) to add more criteria.

The possible criteria are (see image below):

  • Race category
  • Age (min - max)
  • Gender
  • Custom questions
  • Products  

Please note that above criteria narrows down. If you fill in a category, gender and an age range you need require all criteria to match to get into the corral. The only exception is  for categories. This makes it possible to assign multiple categories in a corral and bibgroup. In this example below only boys between age 12 and 17 (age on raceday) will be assigned in this corral.

If participants match in two corrals they will be assigned corral which they matches first in the list. If you want to give one corral more priority just drag & drop the corral.

Assign corrals and bibs

If the Bib groups and corrals are setup, the assignment can start. Click on Assign Wizard for the final step. This page contains information about the (next) assignment. The following information is provided:
- Current corral population & Corral population after assignment
- Notifications about the upcoming assignment, for example if there is no Bib group attached, if the Bib group is too small and which participants doesn't match any of the criteria so they fall out of the corral.

If all information is correctly press the button Assign registrations to corrals. If you want to reset corrals and Bib groups press the button Reset Bibs.

Export bibnumers
After the assignment the Bib numbers can be exported. To export all Bib numbers (also for team members who does not have registered yet, but are reserved) select in export (csv or excel) the box 'Include empty records to reserve bib numbers for teams?. This will results in a export with all assigned bibnumbers. (see image below)

FAQ Corrals

For Business teams:

  • All purchased members will be assinged, so if a team has a capacity of 10, but only one member has joined, the team range will be assigned.
  • If a participant joins the team he will automatically get the first available number.
  • For all new teams, a new assignment is required to set the first and last Bib number. After the assignment team participants will automatically gets the first available number.
  • If Bib numbers are assigned the teamcaptain is able to see this in the teamportal.

For individual

  • If you want to assign new participants you have to run the assignment again.
  • If Bibnumbers are assigned this will be availble in your portal.


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