1.6 Set up your TimerApp

The TimerApp gives MYLAPS Timers the opportunity to promote their company and all events they time in one app. For MYLAPS Timers it is the ideal and modern solution to provide their customers an affordable platform to inform their participants on:

  • Online Registration
  • Mobile friendly Results
  • Social Media
  • Course Maps
  • Event Information
  • Free Push Notifications
  • Selfies
  • Sponsors

A TimerApp can be used for unlimited number of events and is Timer branded. The TimerApp includes a Featured Event (your Timer organization information) and all your events. You can manage all the content from the EventCMS.

1) Organization

2) Featured Event

3) Add Events



1. Organization

Go to

Click Start

Log in to your existing organization account

Open your TimerApp

  • There will be two events with event date 31-12-2099. The one at the top is your complete TimerApp and the one below is the Featured Event. 


  Your complete TimerApp CMS looks like this:

  • Click Event Quick Start Wizard (1) to configure and submit your complete TimerApp
  • Click Create an Event (2) to add more events
  • Open your Featured Event (3) can be found under Published Events



2. Featured Event

Open your Featured Event (3)

  • You can find your featured event under Published Events with event date 31-12-2099.
  • This Event is always displayed on top of your TimerApp.


3. Add more Events

Click Create an event (2) to add a new event to your TimerApp


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