1.4 Set up your TimerApp

A TimerApp can be used for unlimited number of events and is Timer branded. The TimerApp itself is a frame which includes a Featured Event (your Timer organization information) and all your Events. You can manage all the content from the EventCMS.

1) Organization

2) TimerApp Frame

3) Featured Event & Events


1. Organization

We set up an organization in the CMS for you. You will receive an invitation via email. In this email you will find a link to the CMS TimerApp creation wizard. You can use this link to start building your TimerApp. When you have successfully submitted your TimerApp to MYLAPS, both your TimerApp Framework and Featured Event have been created.

2. TimerApp Frame

When you click on the first event it will open your TimerApp. This will open an overview of all the events which are currently visible in your TimerApp. You can open your Featured Event by clicking on the Name of your Published Events, in this case: MYLAPS Experience Lab TimerApp. Or you can start creating more Events, click Create an Event

3. Featured Event & Events

You can make edits to your Featured Event. This Event is always displayed on top of your TimerApp, or you can add a new event. Click Create an Event.


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